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How does SSO work in Plecto?

Plecto's SSO can be used with a variety of identity providers. Here's the most important information you need to know if you plan to enable SSO in your organization:

General authentication info
  • If you enable SSO, this authentication method will apply to all employees in your organization.

  • You can have multiple organizations that all use the same SSO provider.

  • You can have multiple organizations where one uses SSO, and the others use an email and password login. If your employees have access to these organizations, they will be required to use the SSO to log in to either of them (including organizations that don't have SSO enabled).

  • You can have multiple organizations that each use different SSO providers. In that case, your employees will be able to choose which of the providers to use to log in.

Passwords and SSO
  • If you use SSO in Plecto, you can give your employees an extra option to use their email and password to log in. This way, you can grant access to people (guests, board members, or others) that are part of your Plecto organization but not part of your SSO provider.
    To add this option, go to Organization > Employees > Actions > Edit, enable Allow login with password, and click Save.

Removing access
  • Removing employee access to Plecto happens on the SSO provider's side. If removed, the employee will lose access to all organizations, even those that don't use SSO.

  • The employee will not get deactivated in Plecto if their SSO access is removed (Plecto will still consider them active).