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What is Plecto?

Plecto helps businesses visualize their performance in real time. With Plecto, you can track and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) on real-time dashboards and boost your organization's performance with our reporting, gamification, and coaching tools.

Everything updates automatically, in real time. 🚀

Scroll down to learn the basic flow of how Plecto works.

Step 1: Get your data into Plecto

First, you need some data to work with. Plecto can automatically pull data from different systems, but you can also add it manually. All data you send to Plecto is stored in a data source.

Step 2: Build formulas

Once you have some data, the next step is to create formulas. For that, you use a formula editor. Plecto offers two formula editors – Visual and Advanced editor.

Formulas take data from your data sources, and they can use different functions such as Sum of, Last, Max, Average, and others (similar to those in Excel).

A formula tells Plecto how to calculate, but it is not bound to a specific time period. It's the widgets on dashboards and reports that apply a time period on your data. It means that you can use the same formula to get the numbers for this week and also this month, quarter, year, and more.

All Plecto formulas are universal and reusable across all features since they are not tied to a limited time period.

Step 3: Create your setup

Use your formulas to create dashboards, contests, reports, and more. You can reuse the same formula on multiple widgets and across features.

Here's where to find the most popular Plecto features:

Step 4: Visualize

Show what you made on TVs across the office or at home! To display your dashboards on TV screens, you need to use a feature called Slideshows.

Slideshows serve as a frame for showing your Plecto dashboards, contests, and other media. Connect the slideshow to a TV, and you're all set.

TV apps

We have built two TV apps – for LG and Samsung smart TVs. You should be able to download the Plecto app from your TV's app store. Otherwise, feel free to use the TV browser.

Mobile app

We have a free mobile app for iOS and Android phones. Download our mobile app for iOS or Android and use Plecto to easily add data or connect your devices.