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Quick introduction

To see your KPIs on a dashboard, you first need to create some formulas. Formulas are based on the data in your data sources, and they allow you to do different calculations, add filters, show the latest data, and more.

All formulas are universal and reusable across all Plecto features. You can use the same formula to see your sales today, for the current month, by team, and so on.

How to build a formula

All formulas are built in a formula editor. In Plecto, we offer two editors – Visual and Advanced. The Visual editor is more user-friendly, and the Advanced is more Excel-like and allows to create more complex formulas (for example, IF statements).

How to create a new formula in the Visual editor
  1. Go to Formulas > + New formula.

  2. Give the formula a clear title. Something that describes its purpose and will be easy to find in your formula list.

  3. Click + New component.

  4. Choose Data function in the top left. This is the only data-source-based component.

  5. Choose a Lookup function. For example, Sum of will sum all the registration values from a field; Number of will count how many registrations there are in the data source. Hover over the little info icon next to each function to see what it does.

  6. Select a Data source.

  7. (Optional) Add a filter. Filtering allows you to get specific data, such as sales from a specific customer, see how many inbound calls you've received, etc.

  8. Check that the Number format on the left matches your formula. If you want to see your latest customer's name, make sure to change the format to Text.

  9. (Optional) Add conditional colors, prefix, or suffix.

  10. Click Save in the bottom-right corner.