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Calculated fields in data sources

Add new columns and create calculations based on the data you already have. More data options allow you to build more advanced and accurate formulas.

Here's how you can use calculated fields:

  1. Field("Price") – Take existing fields and add, subtract, divide, or multiply their values.

  2. DateDiff() – Calculate the time difference between two date-time fields.

  3. ToNumber() – Convert a text field to a number field. This function is only relevant if the text field contains numeric values.

  4. ToText() – Convert a number field to text. This allows you to combine two text fields, such as Account Name and Account ID.

  5. Now() – Include the current date and time in a calculation.

  6. If() – Create IF statements inside a field. If(condition, is true, is false)

  7. Switch() – Specify conditions and returned values if those conditions are met.