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What are conditional colors?

Conditional colors are a set of three colors – red, yellow and green – that help you identify your progress with visual cues.

Add conditions such as milestones or targets to your formulas and see the dashboard widgets change color based on your performance.

If the widget is green, it means you've reached your target. If yellow, you still have to work on it... you get the idea. You determine the conditions. Make sure you know the milestones and your business targets to create the most accurate setup.

How to add conditional colors

Add the conditional colors in the formula editor or on your dashboard widgets:

  • You can add either numbers or text in the conditional fields. The values depend on the field values in your data sources.

  • Conditional fields are case-sensitive. For example, if the fields in your data source say CLOSED, you must type it the same way – all capitalized.

  • If you want to add duration (for example, to show green when the answer time is less than 20 seconds), enter the condition in seconds.


Here are some conditional color examples based on the supported formats:


  • 🟢 Won

  • 🔴 Lost

  • 🟡 Open

  • 🟡 Pending

Decimal number:

  • 🟢 10

  • 🟡 8

  • 🔴 0


  • 🟢 100

  • 🟡 65

  • 🔴 0


  • 🟢 30

  • 🟡 120

  • 🔴 180

Custom conditional colors

You can add custom conditions on number box and speedometer widgets on a dashboard. This allows you to customize a widget without applying conditional colors to the entire formula.

Widgets with one formula

If you add only one formula to the widget, the custom conditional colors will work as custom targets. It is essentially the same as adding them in the formula editor.

Widgets with two formulas

If you have two formulas, actual and a target value, you have something to measure by. The custom conditional colors will then convert to thinking in percentages and display the default parameters: 0% (red), 80% (yellow), and 100% (green). You can edit the numbers according to your needs.

For example, you have achieved 186 new leads during the current week, and your target is 200. With the custom condition set to 0%, 80%, and 100%, you will see the number 186 in yellow since 186 is 90% of 200, and the margin for displaying yellow is 80%.