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Organize contests at work using Plecto

Friendly competition is fun, and it can make your teams much more excited about completing their tasks! With Plecto, you can organize contests between teams or individual players.

Take inspiration from the list below and use Plecto to promote friendly competition while boosting everyone's motivation! 🚀🙌

Pro tip – Even though end goals are awesome, a big task might sometimes seem unattainable. Try to figure out the underlying KPIs that compose the big goal and focus on those. Choose something easy to achieve, such as a call, an email.. and it will pay off. 😎


While we're busy performing, a workday is not all about KPIs. Invite your teams to stay active and generate a healthy dose of dopamine while at work and outside! Here are a few fun contest ideas that can be suitable for everyone:

  1. Step Up! – Integrate Plecto with a fitness app (for example, Plecto + Strava using Zapier) and count your daily steps! This contest can be fun both as a team or individual activity. Who's walked the most by the end of the week or month? Or can the entire company get around the world in 120 days?

  2. One Push at a Time – Another active contest for the office. Be it push-ups, squats, or anything else. Do five or ten at a time and register your progress in a manual data source. Can you do 500 squats in 30 days?

  3. Stay Hydrated – Remind your teams to drink healthy amounts of water during the day. Everyone can choose their own targets, but make sure that the amount you choose is good for you.


  1. Dial Wars (Team vs. Team) – Which team can get get the highest number of outbound calls today? Facilitate friendly sparring between teams.

  2. Booked meetings (Player vs. Player) – Who will book the most meetings this month? Choose a good month during the high season and challenge your SDRs to book as many meetings as they can! Keep track of the process with contests and dashboards, and make this an opportunity to learn more about your sales processes.

  3. Lead Hunter (Player vs. Player) – Who can contact the most leads this week? If your leads are piling up, organize a contest for your SDRs and strike the iron while it's hot!


  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) (Team vs. Team) – Which team can show the highest CSAT in the next 90 days? This long-term contest can help your teams reassess and improve their internal processes and work towards the company goals. Make sure to choose a prize that shows appreciation to the teams.

  2. The highest rate of positive responses (Player vs. Player) – Good things give place for more good things! How many customer interactions have received positive feedback? Motivate your agents and let them have even more pleasant and helpful conversations with the customers.