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How to remove deactivated employees from your dashboards

If an employee is deactivated, they will still show on dashboards and reports. Why? Because it's about the data.

If you want to hide deactivated employees on a dashboard, you can filter the dashboard (or its individual widgets) by a team that the deactivated employees are not part of.

Here's how to remove a team from a profile of a deactivated employee:
  1. Go to Organization > Employees.

  2. Select the Show deactivated employees box and click the Search button. The deactivated employees will appear on the list with their names crossed out.

  3. Click on the deactivated employee's name and remove any teams from their profile.

  4. Click Save in the bottom-right corner.

  5. Go to your dashboard and click Recalculate in the top menu or press the R key on your keyboard. The employee should no longer appear on your dashboards.

Still having issues? – Remove teams in registrations

Adding teams to registrations overrules everything else. Even if your employee is not part of any team, but there's a team added to their registration, Plecto will show the employee on your dashboards.

Open your data source, filter the deactivated employee's registrations and remove any teams.

If you can't edit the registrations in Plecto (because your data's integrated), remove the team from the employee in the external system and run a manual import in Plecto.

That should solve the issue. 💪