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How deactivation works

Deactivated employees lose their login access, and they no longer send data to Plecto. All historical data from a deactivated employee will only be imported up until their deactivation date.

There are two ways how an admin can deactivate an employee:

  • Manually

  • By setting an employment period end date

After deactivation, admins can pseudonymize employee names: they will show up as "Former Employee XX" across Plecto, but their name will still be visible in their deactivated profile.

How to manually deactivate an employee

  1. Go to Organization > Employees.

  2. Select the employees you want to deactivate.

  3. Click Deactivate in the actions bar below.

  4. A warning message will appear – read it carefully.

  5. To finish, click Deactivate.

Deactivated employees will stay on their teams and might still appear on dashboards and reports.

Remove deactivated employees from their teams if you don't want their data included in the team overview on dashboards and reports.

Alternatively, you can update the employment period end date to depersonalize their data.

Deactivate by setting employment period end date

You can set employment start and end dates in each employee's profile. After the employment end date, the person will lose access to Plecto, and their data will be depersonalized.

  1. Go to Organization > Employees > Edit.

  2. Click Change employment period at the bottom of the page.

  3. Here you can adjust the employment start and end dates.

  4. To finish, click Save.

Deactivated employees and notifications

Plecto will remove a deactivated employee from all notifications that are enabled for that employee:

  • If a notification is limited to specific employees and one is deactivated, Plecto will automatically remove the employee from the notification. If you reactivate the employee profile, you need to add the employee back to the notification manually.

  • If the notification is limited to teams and the deactivated employee is part of a team, no changes will apply. There will be no changes because Plecto does not automatically remove teams from the employee profile once it is deactivated.

How to reactivate an employee

If you want to restore a deactivated employee, you can easily activate their employee profile:

  1. Go to Organization > Employees in Plecto.

  2. Go to the Deactivated tab and click Activate.

  3. A warning message will appear. Click Activate to confirm and finish.