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Plecto + Podio Premium

If you have Podio Premium, you can get a voucher to use Plecto for 3 months with 50% discount! Create real-time dashboards and start boosting your performance right away!

How to redeem your voucher

  1. Open Podio and click on your profile in the top-right.

  2. Select Extension Voucher offer.

  3. You should now see the option to redeem your voucher. Click Redeem voucher, and you will proceed to create a new organization in Plecto.

Already using Plecto?

If you've already signed up for a trial in Plecto and have Global Admin permission, you can use your credentials to redeem the Podio voucher.

Here's what to do:

  1. Integrate your Podio account to Plecto (here's a help guide)

  2. Book a demo with an Account Executive

  3. Redeem your voucher