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How does it work?

Some of the notification actions allow you to add dynamic text that will display the context that triggered the notification. For example, include the employee name, registration value, and other parameters.

You can add custom text to the following notification actions:

  • Play sound on slideshow

  • Show custom text on slideshow

  • Show employee on slideshow

  • Play employee's personal video on slideshow

  • Send notification to mobile app

  • Send an email

  • Send notification to Slack

  • Send notification to Microsoft Teams

How to add custom text

To add custom text, click the question mark next to the Text field when you add a notification action. You will see the available dynamic text options

Once you save the notification, you can test it by clicking the yellow Save and test button in the top-right of the notification actions.

Number formatting

You can decide how many decimal points a number in a notification should have by using the float-format filter. Add the following parameters between the double brackets {{ }}:

  • To show two decimal points: field name|floatformat:2

  • To have no decimals: field name|floatformat:0