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POST request to create members in Plecto


POST a request as shown in the example above. This request contains minimum keys to create a user (member/employee) in Plecto without login access.

Here's a breakdown of each of the keys:

  • "updating_api_provider_id": "API Provider ID"

    • This will be shown as the External ID in the employee profile. Once sent, you won't be able to overwrite this name.

  • "updating_api_provider": "MY API"

    • This will be the System name, also known as Data supplier. If you update this key and send a new request while keeping other keys the same, the employee profile in Plecto will add a new Data supplier to the list.

  • "updating_api_provider_email": ""

    • This is the user email. Once sent, it's not possible to overwrite the email (for example, if you update the email to

  • "name": "John Doe"

    • This is the name of the user. Multiple names get split into first and last name fields automatically. You can easily overwrite it.

  • "is_active": true

    • To deactivate a user, set this key to false.

  • "teams": []

    • This is a mandatory key, but you can leave it blank. If you want to specify teams, check the endpoint and add the id's of your teams. For multiple teams, separate them with a comma.

You can add other, non-required keys (you will see a list of keys in the request response, but only the keys listed below allow you to write):

  • "title": "Senior API Specialist"

  • "display_name": "Anchorman"

  • "manager": "e1c111ebbc1111be1cbb1c111ced1111"

  • "managed_teams": []