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Create and invite employees

In Plecto, you can create employees manually, invite employees from a different organization, or import them from external systems through our integrations.

Here's how to create a new employee or invite an existing one from a different Plecto organization:

  1. Go to Organization > Employees > + New employee.

  2. Fill out the form.

    1. Basic information – Fill in the information about your employee. If they have a manager, select the manager in this section.

    2. Teams – If the employee is a member or manager of any teams in your organization, feel free to add this information here.

    3. Login access – Decide if the employee should have login access. If yes, they will receive an invitation to join Plecto and set their password. Once they log in, they will be able to access Plecto within their assigned permission. If you invite employees from a different organization, make sure to invite them through the same email address they use in the other organization.

  3. Click Save to finish and create the employee.