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How does it work?

Do you want to display the same widget and formula but change the time period, conditional colors, choose a different team, or others? Copy dashboard widgets and create similar KPIs in a matter of seconds. You can make unlimited copies of your widgets on the same dashboard.

You can only copy and duplicate widgets within the same dashboard – you can't copy them to the clipboard and transfer them to another dashboard. Not yet, at least. 😊

How to copy a widget

  1. Enable the Edit mode on your dashboard (you can also press the E key on your keyboard).

  2. Hover over a widget and click Copy.

  3. Draw the widget onto the dashboard to duplicate.

  4. (Optional) Adjust the widget settings such as the time period, teams, grouping, or others.

  5. Click Save to finish.

  6. Once you're done editing the dashboard, press the E key to exit the edit mode.