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Merge duplicates or any two employee profiles

How can there be duplicates, you ask? – Sometimes duplication happens if you integrate Plecto with multiple systems that use the same employees.

For example, if you integrate with Pipedrive and Podio, Plecto will import all active employees from each system separately.

On top of that, you might have created some employees manually, and after integrating, you see someone appearing twice. You can easily fix your employee list in Plecto by merging their profiles.

How to merge employee profiles

  1. Go to Organization > Employees in Plecto. You will see a list of employee names and an Actions button on the right of each row.

  2. Find the employee profile you want to keep (the other profile will merge and dissolve) and click Actions > Merge with another employee on their right.

  3. Choose an employee profile from the dropdown list. The profile you selected from the dropdown list will transfer all their data and dissolve.

  4. Click Merge to finish.

Make sure the employees keep their permission

When merging employees, you should always merge the profile with lower permission (such as Standard) into the one with higher permission (such as Global Admin).

This way, you will ensure that the employee does not lose access after their profiles merge. If they do, you can always adjust their permission.

Automatic merging

Plecto can auto-merge external accounts (employee profiles imported from an external system such as Salesforce or Adversus) based on the employee email. It means that if you connect Plecto to multiple systems, Plecto will merge the employee profiles that use the same email. The merging happens when Plecto receives a new registration made by the employee.

You can see which external accounts (also called systems, data suppliers) your employees are connected to in Organization > Employees.

To see more details, click Actions > Edit and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the employee's external ID and an email address in case they provided one.