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Retrieve registrations

You can retrieve registrations from your API data source the same way you send them. Retrieving registration information enables you to import your Plecto data into another system.

To get the registrations, send a GET request for the following endpoint. Replace the <data_source_uuid> with the unique UUID of your data source.<data_source_uuid>

The UUID is the alphanumerical string in your data source URL. Once you send the request, you will see a response that contains all registrations from the selected data source.

Delete registrations

Plecto API allows you to delete registrations. To delete registrations, you need to know each registration's UUID (run a GET request to obtain all the registration UUIDs), and you can only delete one registration per request.

To delete a registration, send a DELETE request to the following endpoint. Replace the <data_source_uuid> and <registration_uuid> with your relevant UUIDs.<data_source_uuid>/<registration_uuid>