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Show any text when a statement condition is met. Let's break down the statement from the example above.

  • IF – the data function.

  • Sum – the name of the data lookup.

  • Sales – the name of the data source.

  • State="success" – filter. The filter includes the name of a data source field and the filtering condition. This formula will only sum the values from those registrations where the field's State values are "success." Filtering is case-sensitive.

  • Amount – the name of the field whose values will be summed.

  • 50000 – target value.

  • Target Reached 🎉 – if the sum is greater than or equal to 50 000, the widget will display this message.

  • Working on it 💪 – if the sum is less than 50 000, the widget will display this message.

Keeping a blank field

If you don't want to display a message when the target is not reached, you can leave empty quotation marks in the statement, like this: "Target Reached 🎉"," ".

There needs to be a single space between the quotation marks – otherwise, the dashboard will show 0 instead of not showing anything.