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IF statements in the Advanced editor

For IF statements, you need to use the Advanced formula editor. Plecto's IF statements work similarly to those in Excel, using the following syntax:


IF(<function>(<data source>)[condition],[if_true],[if_false])


If the number of booked meetings is 40 or more, show "Target reached." If not, show nothing. Required number format: Text.

IF(Count(Booked meetings)>=40,"Target reached"," ")

Nested IF statements

You can include additional IFs inside the statement's [if_true],[if_false] fields.

In the example below, the formula checks if the number of sales is greater than 0 and if the sum of sales is greater than 0.

If both are true, the formula will return 1; otherwise, it will return 0.




  • >0 – condition

  • IF(Sum(Sales)>0,1,0) – if true

  • 0 – if false