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How to integrate Intercom with Plecto

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source > Intercom.

  2. Sign in to your Intercom account. If you have already signed in, it will redirect you to the Intercom authorization page.

  3. Click Authorize access to allow Plecto to connect to your Intercom account.

  4. Choose the data you want to import. If you select Conversations, Conversation Parts, or Conversation Ratings, you can enable Add teams to registrations for these when you configure the data source settings (read more below).

  5. Click Next to choose how much data to import and how long you want to keep it in the data source.

  6. Click Import to finish.

How to add teams to registrations

When selecting data for import, you can enable the Add teams to registrations option for:

  • Conversations

  • Conversation Parts

  • Conversation Ratings

If enabled, Plecto will automatically create a team and, when possible, add it to the registrations in the data sources. For example, if a team is associated with a conversation in Intercom, Plecto will create the same team in our system and add it to the relevant registrations in the data source.

This option is only available for the selected data because Conversations, Conversation Parts, and Conversation Ratings can only associate one team with a registration. Agents and Activity Logs can have multiple teams associated with each of the registrations, which is not supported in Plecto.

Intercom webhooks

Our integration to Intercom supports webhooks. Webhooks allow Plecto to update your conversation data in real time and let you see when the conversations are created, deleted, closed, and more.

Once you connect to Intercom, the webhooks are created automatically, and the following are the events we update instantly:

  • User/lead initiated conversations

  • Admin initiated 1:1 conversations

  • Admin conversation assignments

  • Admin conversation closes

  • Conversation parts being deleted

  • Entire conversation deletions

If any of these events change in Intercom, Plecto updates the entire conversation data in your Intercom data sources.

Available data

Currently, you can import the following data from your Intercom account to Plecto:

  • Activity Logs

  • Agents

  • Conversation Parts

  • Conversation Ratings

  • Conversations