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What are contests?

Contests are a great way of focusing your team towards a common target and boosting the team's performance in a friendly manner. 🏆

You can organize contests where each employee competes for themselves or where teams try to beat other teams. Here's a quick overview of how that works:

  • Players vs. Players – If you select players, you will have to add each employee who will be participating in the contest. You can give each employee an individual target by entering a target value in the field under the employee name.

  • Teams vs. Teams – If you select teams, you can either form a new team or choose an existing one from your organization. Give the team a name, and decide if you want to add a team picture or give each team an individual target.

Contest introduction

Announce the contest with a colorful contest introduction! Add the contest to a slideshow, activate the slideshow on a TV, and you're ready to announce the contest!

You can only play the contest intro as many times as you want during the time when the contest is active (between start and end dates).

  1. Open the slideshow on your TV.

  2. On your computer, go to Gamification > Contests.

  3. Click Play Contest Intro.

  4. Plecto will immediately play your contest introduction on the slideshow it's added.