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What are notifications?

Get notified whenever you close a sales deal, complete a task, reach a target, or do other activities. To see your notifications on a slideshow, you need to activate a TV.

Step 1: Setting up notification triggers

You can create notifications that get sent based on two types of triggers:

  1. A new or updated registration. It triggers when a single registration gets added or updated in a data source. If no filters are added, the notification will trigger for every new or updated registration.

  2. The result of a formula. The notification will trigger when the formula result meets the filter condition (for example, Number of booked meetings >= 40). If no filters are added, the notification will trigger whenever the formula result changes.

Step 2: Adding notification actions

You get to decide what happens when the notification triggers. Select one or combine several actions. Here are the notification actions you can choose from:

  • Play a sound on a slideshow

  • Show text on a slideshow

  • Show the employee on a slideshow

  • Play a YouTube video chosen by employee

  • Play a YouTube video

  • Send a notification to Plecto mobile app

  • Give an achievement

  • Send an email

  • Flash Philips Hue

  • Play a sound on Sonos

  • Send a Slack notification

  • Send a Microsoft Teams notification

  • Give coins

  • Spin the wheel (available on Gamification+)