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What are one-on-ones?

One-on-one is a meeting between an employee and their manager. It's a way for the company to find out how satisfied their employees are and how to help them learn, grow, and stay motivated.

During a one-on-one meeting, you, as the manager, would ask questions to the employee and take notes. After the meeting, your employee can read the notes and approve the one-on-one or ask to revise the information.

All one-on-ones are strictly confidential, and the meeting notes are only accessible to the team manager, their employee, and added participants (if any).

One-on-one templates

One-on-ones are based on templates – each template consists of different sections with questions, KPIs, targets, or other things you would like to discuss during the meeting with your employee. Team managers decide what to include in the template and how to organize it.

The templates help you lead meetings, take notes, keep track of the previous discussions, and more. You can create, edit, and reorganize the sections in each template however you see fit.

How to create a one-on-one

  1. Go to Coaching > One-on-ones > + New one-on-one.

  2. Select an employee from the list. You will only see the employees you manage that have login access to Plecto.

  3. Select a one-on-one template and click Save. You have created a draft document.

  4. Click Save & Share at the bottom of the page to make the document visible to your team member.

  5. Schedule a meeting, discuss, and fill out the one-on-one.

  6. After the meeting, click Send for approval to allow your employee review the document.

Your one-on-one is complete after the team member has approved it.

The different states

One-on-ones go through different states. Say you have a one-on-one meeting with an employee. You take notes based on what the employee reports, then share the one-on-one with the employee after the meeting. The employee then has to review the one-on-one and give their approval or ask for revision.

  • Draft – All one-on-ones in this state are only visible to the team manager. The team manager can edit or delete the one-on-one.

  • Active – If active, the one-on-one is visible to the team manager and their employee. The team manager can edit, delete, or send the one-on-one for approval. Once sent for approval, the employee will receive an email with a link to the document.

  • Pending approval – The team manager has sent the one-on-one to the employee and waiting for their approval. The team manager can make changes in the one-on-one. If the manager makes changes, the one-on-one will revert to the Active state, and the employee will be notified about the state change on their email.

  • Approved – The employee has approved the contents of the one-on-one, and no further changes can be made by either the manager or the employee. It also means that the one-on-one can no longer be deleted.