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What is Plecto?

Plecto is a business performance platform that enables your organization to get an overview of its business metrics in real time.

With Plecto, you can track and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) on real-time dashboards and boost your organization's performance with our reporting, gamification, and coaching tools.

Real-time dashboards

In Plecto, a dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays your KPIs on a variety of widgets. All dashboards are highly customizable, and it is up to you to decide how to visualize your business metrics. Create as many dashboards and add as many widgets as you like - the sky is the limit. 🚀


Analyze your business performance with Plecto's reporting tools. Create reports and extract unique metrics that enable you to immediately identify if you're heading in the right direction.

You can export all your reports as Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations - and you can even automate this process! Choose between 8 highly customizable widgets and add your formulas to create a complete overview of your KPIs.


Use our gamification tools to boost your organization's performance in a positive and motivational way. With Plecto, you can make workdays interesting and allow your employees to have fun while reaching their targets.

  • Notifications Add instant notifications to recognize and celebrate success right as it happens.

  • Contests Set up contests for teams or employees and award everyone for their efforts in reaching the targets.

  • Achievements Give achievements and acknowledge individual employees across the organization.

  • Reward store – Keep your employees motivated at all times with a reward system in Plecto that allows your team to earn virtual coins as a result of their performance.


With Plecto's coaching features, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is aligned on the common goals and thrive in their own learning and development.

  • Performance agreementsUse performance agreements and create individual Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) together with your employees.

    Set up personal targets and allow your employees to focus on specific goals that align with the overall company vision. All targets and agreements are confidential, and only the employee and their manager can see their agreement.

  • One-on-onesOne-on-one is a meeting between an employee and their manager. It's a way for your business to find out how satisfied your employees are and how to help them learn, grow, and stay motivated.

Your data

Adding data into Plecto is what enables you to use all of our features. You can enter the data manually or choose from 100+ to integrate with. Once you add your data, it gets stored in a data source.