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Learn and have fun with quizzes in Plecto

With various question types, learning resources, information slides, and more, quizzes help you facilitate internal learning inside your organization. Reuse the same quiz and send it to different participant groups by scheduling quiz sessions. 💡

You can schedule new sessions for the same Onboarding Quiz instead of creating a new quiz each time you do onboarding. Each session will tell you who were the participants, their results, and how long it took to complete the quiz.

Quiz question types

Multiple choice

With multiple choice, one or more answers can be correct. The options can be text, images, or text & images.

Sort into order

Sort the correct answers by dragging the answer cards into the right order. This question type can be used to ask about processes, chronological orders, priorities, or other subjects.

  • When creating the question, write the answers in the correct order, and we'll make sure to randomize them for the people who complete the quiz.

  • When answering the question, participants must drag and drop their answers into the correct order.

Match the pair

Match the right answer pairs by dragging the correct answer to its counterpart. This question type allows matching text to text or image to text.


Ask open-ended questions in the quiz. You can choose between long answers, short answers, and number answers. The answers to open-ended questions need to be reviewed, and that's why Plecto will ask to appoint a reviewer whenever you create a new quiz session.

The participant will only receive their quiz results when the reviewer has scored the answers.

Quiz sessions

Whenever a quiz is ready, you can schedule a session. A session is simply a time frame within which all the participants need to complete the quiz. Here's some practical info:

  • It is possible to schedule multiple sessions for the same quiz. For example, if you've made a quiz for internal onboarding, you can schedule different sessions each month (or whenever you host onboarding).

  • If you schedule a session in the future, the participants will receive an invitation email to complete the quiz as soon as the session is open. If you schedule a session that starts now, the participants will receive an invitation email immediately.

  • All quiz results are saved in a data source. It means that you can create dashboards, achievements, notifications, and more for all quizzes, sessions, and results!