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What are teams?

Create your organization structure in Plecto and build team-specific dashboards, reports, contests, and more!

Having teams ensures that you show the data to the right people. For example, you can limit dashboard access so that only the Finance team can access it.

Team hierarchy

The hierarchy consists of parent teams and sub-teams. All parent teams adopt the data registered by their sub-teams. So, if you add a parent team to a dashboard, the dashboard will include and display data both from the parent team and its sub-teams.

  1. Go to Organization > Teams > + New team.

  2. Enter the team name and add employees and managers (if any).

  3. (Optional) Add a team picture.

  4. (Optional) Add home dashboards and slideshows.

  5. (Optional) If you use manual data sources, you can add a data source shortcut to everyone's front page for easier data entry.

  6. Click Save to finish. You now have a whole world of possibilities for visualizing your data! 🎉