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How does it work?

In February 2018, we changed how teams work in Plecto. This article describes the old team behavior.

Organizations that signed up before February 2018 are using the old team setup. In the legacy setup, only those employees that are part of a team get displayed on a dashboard.

It means that the dashboard widgets will display and include data from employees that are part of at least one team. As a result, employees must be associated with at least one team for their data to show on dashboards in Plecto.

If you open the employee list in Organization > Employees, Plecto will show a warning message to let you know which employees are not part of any teams.


The legacy team structure consists of managers and members. Only the members get displayed on dashboards. Therefore, if you also track the managers' KPIs, make sure to add managers both as managers and members of the team.

Both managers and members get access to the online registration boxes on the front page if any are added.