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Integrate Mailchimp with Plecto

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source > Mailchimp.

  2. Choose your subdomain, then click Next. You can find the subdomain in the URL when you are in your Mailchimp account. For example, the subdomain in is us7.

  3. Log in to your Mailchimp account.

  4. Click Allow to allow Plecto to access your Mailchimp account.

  5. Select the data types you want to import to Plecto.

  6. (Optional) Expand the Advanced settings to change the data source title, default date field used in formulas, or other settings. You can access the settings also after you've created the data source.

  7. Click Next to finish and import your data.

Available data types

For each data type you import, Plecto will create one data source. Find the list of data sources under Data management > Data sources. Our integration with Mailchimp currently allows you to import the following data types:

  • Audience – Also known as a Mailchimp list, this data source contains data about your contacts.

  • Audience growth history – Allows viewing a summary of the month-by-month growth activity for specifically selected audiences.

  • Campaigns – Contains information on how you send emails to your Mailchimp list/audience. Use this data source to track campaigns in your Mailchimp account.

  • Reports – Contains data on clicks, opens, subscribers' social activity, e-commerce data, and more.

  • Unsubscribes – Contains information about Audience members who unsubscribed from a Campaign.