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Step 1: Find your account name and API key in MobiKOM

To integrate MobiKOM with Plecto, you need to know your MobiKOM account number (Brugernavn) and generate an API key.

You can find these credentials by logging in via and going to Integration > API.

Step 2: Connect MobiKOM to Plecto

  1. Open Plecto in a separate browser tab.

  2. Go to Data management > Data sources+ New data source > MobiKOM.

  3. Insert your account number and the API key you generated in your MobiKOM account.

  4. Click Next.

  5. (Optional) Expand the Advanced settings to change the data source title, default date field used in formulas, or other settings. You can access the settings also after you've created the data source.

  6. Click Next to finish and connect your account.

Step 3: Configure webhooks in MobiKOM

MobiKOM sends data to Plecto only through webhooks. To get your data in Plecto, you need to set up the webhooks. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to your MobiKOM account.

  2. Press the Jeres løsning button under Ændringer in the left sidebar.

  3. Log in by pressing Log ind på løsning.

  4. Expand the Integration section in the left sidebar and click on Medarbejder integration.

  5. Click Indstillinger for medarbejder integration. This will open a popup.

  6. Click on the HTTP Metode drop-down menu and choose the value POST.

  7. You will see four text inputs. These inputs should be filled in with their corresponding values that you can find in your MobiKOM data source settings. See the values in the following inputs (the three bottom inputs have the same value).

  8. Click the Gem button in the bottom-left of the popup.

  9. To finish, click on Opdater system in the top-right corner.

Your MobiKOM webhooks should now be configured properly!

Available data types

For each data type you import, Plecto will create one data source and list it under Data management > Data sources. Currently, you can import the following data from your MobiKOM account to Plecto:

  • Calls – See the duration, type of calls, status, and more.