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What you need to know

All notification actions are added to a timeline. If multiple actions are added to the same slideshow, they will come through in such order as listed on the timeline.

Here's what you can do in the notification timeline:

  • Add an unlimited number of notification actions. Get notified on slideshows, by email, in the mobile app, and more. Mix and match the notification actions as you please.

  • Add multiple notification actions to the same slideshow. Choose different notification actions and select the same destination slideshow. If you add sound, text, or personal video actions to the same slideshow, that's the order they will appear in.

  • Add the same notification to different slideshows. Say you want to get notified on both the Inbound and Outbound slideshows. You don't have to create two notifications – you can easily add two notification actions to the same notification and simply select different destination slideshows.