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How does it work?

You can add your Philips Hue light as a notification action in Plecto and create a colorful experience in the office whenever someone triggers a notification. The current setup allows you to apply a permanent light color or flash the light in a particular color when the notification triggers.

How to set up Philips Hue

  1. Connect your Plecto IoT to a power source and to the network.

  2. Connect your Philips Hue bridge to a power source and to the same network as the IoT box.

  3. Press the power button on the Hue.

  4. Go to Gamification > Notifications and create a new notification or open an existing one.

  5. Choose Flash Philips Hue light as the notification action.

  6. Click the button on top of your Hue bridge to turn it on.

  7. In the notification action settings, click the refresh icon (the two arrows) under Hue device. A dropdown will appear, and you'll be able to select the Hue device.

  8. Once you have set up the notification trigger and actions, you are ready to save and test your notification. Click Save in the bottom-right corner, then navigate back to the notification actions and click Save and test.