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Performance agreements

A performance agreement is a simple success criterion between an employee and their manager that's based on a formula from your Plecto data. For example, Susan and her manager can create a performance agreement that states she should book 20 meetings this month.

To access the feature, you must be a team manager. Performance agreements are only visible to the team manager, and team managers can only access their team's agreements.

How to create a performance agreement

  1. Go to Coaching > Performance agreements. You will see all employees that are part of your team.

  2. Click + New performance agreement below an employee's name.

  3. Add a team.

  4. Choose a formula to track (for example, Value of Won Deals).

  5. Add a target value.

  6. Choose a time period. Your employee will have to reach the established target within this time period.

  7. Click Save to finish.

To delete a performance agreement, click on the X button on the right to the progress bar.