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First, evaluate your rewards

To build a good Reward Store, you need to evaluate how many virtual coins your rewards are worth. Currently, coins can be either earned through notifications or given manually. It means that, as an admin, you have to decide how much each activity is worth.

The number of coins to give also depends on the items you're offering in your Reward Store. One option would be to say that 10 coins = $1.

So, if you offer a coffee voucher for 30 coins, reflect on how many coins you want to give out.

If a sales rep booked two meetings, do they get to spend their coins for a nice cup of coffee or a weekend wine-tasting adventure? Choose your own system and try to be consistent with it.

Ideas for rewards

When you set up a Reward Store, a good practice is to add items of different value so that everyone can participate. Keep your employees happy and motivated by giving everyone a chance to engage.

Here are a few rewards we thought could make a good addition to the assortment:

  • Cake for the entire team

  • Gift card (from a grocery store, coffee shop)

  • Cinema tickets

  • Coffee subscription for 6 months

  • Tickets to a game, a theater play, a comedy show

  • Noise-canceling headphones

  • Team-building activity (trips, paintball, bowling, mini golf, go-karts, cooking workshop)

  • A voucher to an entertainment resort (Disney World, Legoland)

  • Mystery item

Create a mix of things and experiences in your Store – both for everyone individually and as a team.