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Step 1: Find your ServiceTitan Tenant ID

Before you can integrate ServiceTitan with Plecto, we need to enable the application for you. To do that, we need to know your ServiceTitan Tenant ID.

Once you find the ID, you'll have to send the number to our support team and let them know you want to integrate with ServiceTitan.

Here's how to find your Tenant ID in ServiceTitan:

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top-right corner.

  2. In the left-hand menu, go to Integrations > API Application Access. You will see your Tenant ID on the right.

  3. Copy the number and send it to our support team.

Step 2: Connect a new application in ServiceTitan

  1. In ServiceTitan, click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top-right corner.

  2. Go to Integrations > API Application Access > Connect New App > Plecto > Connect.

  3. Click Allow Access to enable Plecto to read your data.

  4. You will now see your Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret under Application Details. You will need to use all these credentials in step 3.

  5. Click Generate to create a Client Secret key. Copy the key.

  6. Move on to Step 3.

If you want to import ServiceTitan reports to Plecto

When creating custom reports in ServiceTitan, you usually need to choose a report type and template.

For your reports to populate correctly in Plecto, you must ensure that they contain the following mandatory parameters:

  1. At least one field that relates to an employee (for example, Primary Technician, Estimate Created By).

  2. A field that contains a unique identifier (for example, Job ID, Invoice Number). After importing, this will become the registration ID in your data source in Plecto.

  3. A field that contains a date (for example, Completion Date, Created Date). Since every registration in Plecto must have a date stamp, it's important to have at least one date field in your ServiceTitan report.

When you're ready, move on to Step 3 and integrate your ServiceTitan data into Plecto!

Step 3: Integrate ServiceTitan with Plecto

  1. In Plecto, go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source > ServiceTitan.

  2. Plecto will ask for three credentials: Client ID, Client Secret and Tenant ID. Insert all three credentials and click Next.

  3. Select the data you want to import.

  4. Configure your data source settings. Here, you can change the title, choose the default date, select which fields to import, and more.

    • For reports: When configuring, there's an option to filter by a date. We suggest that you select the same date field as you've added in the report (read the section above).

  5. Click Next to choose how much data to import and how long you want to keep it in the data source.

  6. Click Import to finish.

Available data

You can currently import the following data from ServiceTitan to Plecto:

  • Calls

  • Customers

  • Estimate items

  • Estimates

  • Invoice items

  • Invoices

  • Job assignments

  • Jobs

  • Materials

  • Reports

  • Services

Troubleshoot your ServiceTitan data sources

If the numbers in your ServiceTitan and Plecto accounts don't match, there's a way to troubleshoot.

Check if your data source in Plecto contains a field called Active. If it does, you can add a filter to your ServiceTitan formulas where Active is true.

That will give you data on all the active registrations, and the numbers should match those in your ServiceTitan account.