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How does it work?

Are you tracking your Aircall data in Plecto? Get real-time updates in Slack about missed or abandoned calls. Instant notifications enable your team to react quickly and follow up on missed calls if necessary.

Step 1: Create a notification in Plecto

  1. Open Plecto and go to Gamification > Notifications+ New notification.

  2. Name your notification. For example, Customer Service – Aircall Missed Calls.

  3. Choose Send notification based on > A new or updated registration.

  4. Select a data source that stores your Aircall calls.

  5. Click + Add filter and add three filters:

    1. Number name = <name of the number the customer tried to reach. Example: Support Team>

    2. Missed call reason != <leave empty>

    3. Missed call reason != out_of_opening_hours

  6. Enabled from this date – The notification will look for triggers starting from this date and time.

  7. Enable for – Select the teams or employees that will trigger the notification.

  8. Choose Send notification to Slack as the notification action.

    1. Add Slack credentials. If no credentials are available, create new by clicking the + button.

    2. Enter the channel name in the field Room. Don't use the hash (#).

    3. Add notification text. For example, 📣 Missed call due to {{ missed_call_reason }} from {{ raw_digits }}!

  9. Click Save to finish.

  10. Move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Invite Plecto to your Slack channel

  1. Open your Slack workspace.

  2. Find the channel where you want Plecto to send notifications.

  3. Invite Plecto to the channel. To do so, type @plecto in the message field and select Plecto [APP].

  4. Send the message to the channel.

  5. Lastly, click Add to Channel.