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How does it work?

With streaming metrics, you can show live data, such as calls in queue, call duration, agent availability status (only from Aircall), and more. No formulas needed!

  1. To use streaming metrics, create a new data source and select the relevant streaming data types.

  2. Once integrated, you'll be able to select the streaming widgets and add them to your dashboards.

Combined metrics

You can combine metrics from multiple dimensions. For example, sum the calls from lines A and B to see how many calls are in queue in total.

How to create combined metrics:

  1. Open your streaming data source settings and click + New combined metric.

  2. Give the metric a name. You'll be able to select this metric when you choose the Combined metrics dimension on a streaming widget.

  3. Select the metrics you want to combine and choose the function (sum, average, min, max).

  4. Click Save. You'll see the list of the created combined metrics in the data source settings.

Now, you'll be able to select Combined metrics in your streaming widget settings and add your custom combinations.