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What is a formula?

Plecto formulas are logical expressions similar to those in Excel or Google Sheets. Formulas take your data and calculate metrics such as the value of sales, the number of calls, month-to-date targets, and more.

You can also use static numbers such as 1380 * 3.756 to create a formula.

All formulas are made in a formula editor. You can access the formula editor from

  • Formulas > + New formula or

  • By clicking + Create formula on your widgets on dashboards and reports.

Default date

Formulas look at your data source's default date field when calculating your data. Say you created 5 registrations today but updated 20 – the default date helps Plecto understand which numbers to show.

What is a KPI?

In Plecto, a Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a combination of formula + widget + time period.

Unlike formulas, KPIs are bound to specific time periods.

For example, say you have a formula that counts the number of calls from a data source. You can use this formula to see the KPI for today, another KPI for the current month, a third one this month filtered by teams or employees, and so on.