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What are dashboards?

A performance dashboard is a data visualization tool that can help your business measure, monitor, and manage your key activities.

You can build real-time dashboards in Plecto using 13 different dashboard widgets that are easy to add and customize.

Plecto Store 🛍️

Install free, ready-made dashboards created by our experts. Integrate your systems with Plecto, then go to the Plecto Store and see if there's anything you like.

How can I see my dashboard on a TV screen?

To see a dashboard on a TV screen, you first need to create a slideshow, then activate the slideshow on a TV.

A slideshow combines different media (dashboards, contests, YouTube videos, URL content) that you can add to the slideshow timeline and display on your TV.

Themes and dashboard widget colors

You can customize the look of your dashboards and contests with Plecto themes. If you are on our Large or Enterprise plan, you can create custom themes.

As for widgets, you can add conditional colors to your formulas, and the widgets will change color based on your progress. For now, Plecto supports three conditional colors – red, yellow, and green.