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Employee profiles and access

Employees are the core part of our system – all data in Plecto data sources links to an employee or team. Employees can have different access rights in the organization, depending on their permission when working with Plecto.

The most basic organization structure has four levels of employee permission:

  • Global Admin – Employees with this permission profile have full access to all features.

  • Standard – Employees with Standard permission have view-only access to non-restricted objects. It means that they can see all objects that are not limited to specific teams or employees.

  • Team managers – Team managers get elevated privileges. For example, an employee with Standard permission who is also a manager can edit their teams' dashboards, access performance agreements, and more. They cannot access data sources and formulas.

  • Employees without login access – These employees are usually managed by an external systems such as Pipedrive or Podio, and they don't have login access to Plecto.