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What are reports?

Plecto reports allow you to get a detailed overview of your business performance. Just like dashboards and contests, reports update automatically and in real time.

  • Set a schedule, and Plecto will send you the most up-to-date version of your performance right to your inbox.

  • Export your reports as spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations and save hours.

  • All formulas in Plecto are universal – use the same formulas in your reports as on dashboards, contests, notifications, or elsewhere to get the most accurate results.

Navigate to Visualization > Reports to create and manage your reports.

Report widgets

Just like Plecto dashboards, our reports are built with widgets. Plecto offers 8 different report widgets so that you can extract very specific business metrics. Each of the widgets is highly customizable.

Here's the list of report widgets we currently offer:

  • Column chart

  • Bar chart

  • Line chart

  • Combo chart

  • Area chart

  • Pie chart

  • Waterfall chart

  • Table

Report settings

Viewing access

When you create a report, you can choose to limit the viewing access. You can also change the viewing access of an existing report.

  1. Go to Visualization > Reports.

  2. Create new or open an existing report and click Edit report in the top-right corner.

  3. From there, you can enable viewing access to everyone, admins, or admins plus specific teams.

Edit, duplicate, and more

Once created, you can edit, archive, duplicate, or delete your reports.

  1. Go to Visualization > Reports and click the Actions button on the right. From there, you can:

    1. Archive – Plecto will transfer your report to the archive. You can see the list of archived reports in the Archived reports tab.

    2. Duplicate – Plecto will instantly open a copy of your report in the same browser tab.

    3. Delete – Plecto will ask you to confirm the deletion process, as this action cannot be undone.

Export your reports

Export the reports as Excel or PowerPoint files or schedule a live export that will automatically generate spreadsheets and presentations to keep you updated about your most important business metrics.