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What is a manual data source?

Manual data source means that you enter and manage your data in Plecto manually. The data source updates when you update it.

Manual data sources can be used to register sales, create targets, keep track of tasks, and more.

Step 1: Create a manual data source

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source.

  2. Scroll down to the Manual Data Entry section and choose one of the options:

    1. Closed deal*, Sales target*, Booked meetings – These three are presets, which means that we've predefined the data source name and added an extra field.

      If you choose these, Plecto will create an empty manual data source with the following fields: ID, Employee, Team, Created date, Amount*.

    2. Custom input – Create a data source from scratch. Choose your own title, adjust permissions if necessary, and save.

  3. You now have a blank data source. Go to Step 2 and learn how to add more fields.

Step 2: Add custom fields

Once you've created the data source, you can start adding custom fields.

  1. Open the data source settings.

  2. Click + Add field to create a new custom field.

    1. Field name – This will appear at the column header in your data source.

    2. Data type – Choose what type of data you expect to see in this field.

    3. Help text – Provide more information about what you expect to see in this field.

    4. Default value – Whenever someone creates a new registration, Plecto can pre-fill the field with a default value. It's possible to modify it when adding new registrations.

    5. Order – Reorganize your fields. Fields with lower order values will be placed more on the left.

    6. Allow empty field value – Enable this option if the field doesn't necessarily have to be filled out when adding new registrations.

  3. Keep adding fields until you have the data source you need.