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Themes for Dashboards and Contests

Use different themes and customize your Plecto appearance. Different themes can be applied to both dashboards and contests.

⭐️ How to change themes on Dashboards:

  1. Open your dashboard.

  2. Click the Settings button in the top menu. Alternatively, you can open the dashboard settings in Visualization > Dashboards > Edit.

  3. Under Theme, choose a different theme from the dropdown. All themes, including your custom themes, are listed.

  4. Click Save in the bottom-right corner to finish.

⭐️ How to change themes on Contests:

  1. Go to Gamification > Contests.

  2. Click on a contest title to open its settings.

  3. Choose a different theme under the preview pane.

  4. Click Save.

Custom themes

Get creative! 🎨 Here's how to add a custom theme:

  1. Go to VisualizationThemes > + New theme.

  2. Give your theme a name. It will appear in the dropdown list together with all other themes.

  3. Choose the colors. If you want to apply a particular color, you can copy its HEX code (#C70039) and paste it in the color fields.
    Alternatively, you can click on the color palette button on the left and drag the cursor around to find a color you like. The background and border color fields also allow adjusting color transparency.

To use a background image, upload a file from your local device with maximum file size of 10 MB.