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Troubleshoot API requests

If your API request is successful but the data isn't pulling into Plecto, there are several steps you can follow to identify and resolve the issue:

1. Verify your credentials

Plecto uses Basic Auth for API data sources. This authentication scheme includes sending your username (email) and password along with the request.

Ensure that the provided username and password are correct and that the user is a Global Admin in your Plecto organization.

2. Check the endpoints

Make sure you're sending the API requests to the correct endpoints. Incorrect endpoints will prevent data from being pulled. Double-check the values you’ve entered in Plecto against those provided by your data source system.

See the list of available endpoints here:

3. Look for Pending employees

If your organization has disabled automatic employee activation, any new employees (members) you send via API might be shipped to the Pending tab under Organization > Employees.

Make sure employees are active in Plecto either by activating them in the UI or by adding an "is_active": true key to the request sent to endpoint.