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General grouping options

You can group data by employees, teams, and sometimes time and custom fields. Say you have a formula that counts the Number of Opportunities in your data source. Here are some examples of how you could group the data:

  • Group by employee on a table widget and see how many opportunities each created.

  • Group by custom field on a donut chart – choose a field from your data source, such as Stage, and see how many opportunities you have in each stage.

  • Group by team on a leaderboard – the widget will show, in descending order, how many opportunities got created by each team.

Here's an overview of widgets and their grouping options:

One group




Custom field

Table widget


Line chart


Area chart


Column chart

Donut chart






no grouping

Group by custom fields

Group your metrics by a specific field in your data source.

Say you have a formula that counts the number of calls. You could group this data by other fields from the data source the formula is based on, such as:

  • Call direction (incoming and outgoing)

  • Status (done, answered, initial)

  • Number country (US, FR, DK), and more.

Widgets that support grouping by custom fields are table, line chart, area chart, column chart, and donut chart widgets.