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How does it work?

Some dashboard widgets allow you to add a summary number that summarizes the data from the time period displayed on the widget.

See values such as the total, average or latest added value. The summary will appear as an additional metric on the widget – it shows 1443 in the image above.

These are the widgets that support the summary option:

  • Table (total, average)

  • Line chart (total, average, last)

  • Area chart (total, average, last)

  • Column chart (total, average)

  • Donut chart (total, average)

How to add the summary to a widget?

  1. Enable the Edit mode on your dashboard – click Edit in the top-right corner or press the E key on your keyboard.

  2. Click Edit on a widget.

  3. Choose your preferred summary option. You should already see a live preview on the widget.

  4. Click Save to finish.

  5. (Optional) Refresh the page – you should see the summary on the widget, but you can still refresh the page for good measure.